Installing the System

Installation of the Termiwatch Termite Detection System is easy. Simply follow the steps below and you’re on your way.

Step 1

Use the supplied paper site plan to draw a scaled outline of your home ie 1 square = 1 metre. You don’t need to be highly accurate, simply pace out around your home. This will give you the lineal meterage of your home. You can also mark down any sheds, tress and retaining walls. Check for plumbing, pipes, reticulation or electric cables. Use your house plans or consult a plumber.

TermiWatch How it works

Step 2

Simply start at a point and place your first station approximately 1/2 to 1 metre from the external wall of the home. If you have a pathway you can go further out. Place in garden beds, behind retaining walls and areas of moist soil. After checking that there is no piping in the way, use a garden hand tool or spade to make a hole for the station.

How it works

Mud PackingStep 3

Place the TermiWatch Station into the hole, making sure it is flush with the ground.

Step 4

Now that the first station is in the ground, simply place the other 23 stations at equal intervals (3-4 metres between each) around your home. Mark each station on your site plan as you go. Remember, as long as you circle the home you can put the stations wherever you want. Should you have to have bigger intervals (ie. driveway concrete) at a couple of points, 6 metres is okay. (once you have circled the home, if you find that you have stations left over, simply place extra around your yard near areas such as retaining walls, next to large trees etc.)

Step 5

When all stations are in the ground, go to the Reminder page on the web site and fill out the Reminder Form and we will remind you via email to inspect your stations each month. If you don’t have email access, mark your inspection day on the paper scheduler supplied and place in a prominent position so you don’t forget.


Most times all you will need to install your system is a spade or hand trowel / planting spade. If however the ground is densely rooted, it may be worthwhile investing in our steel installation auger. This is a rotary style cutter that will penetrate most roots quite easily and make a hole for your Termiwatch station to the correct size.

If you have large areas of paving or slabs, simply lift the paver or slab, dig the required hole and insert the station and then replace the paver, or slab, which will sit flush on top of the station. Keep note of which paver or slab covers the station as future inspections of that station can then be done very quickly and easily.

If you have large areas of concrete you will need to core an 82mm hole in the concrete to place your station and then purchase a stainless steel cap on our website to safely seal the hole. For commercial establishments, we offer a service using our mechanical drilling rig to bore multiple holes. If you believe you need to do this, please contact us  for further advice.