How Termiwatch Works

TermiWatch How it works Image OneSubterranean termites are random foragers – they are constantly and randomly foraging all year round and are on the look out for food and moisture sources. By foraging through the soil they basically bump into these two requirements of life. This is why Termiwatch is the cost effective first step in managing your home against costly termite attack.

Termiwatch stations are placed on all sides of your home, ideally 3-4 metres apart and no closer than 1 metre to the home. With stations also placed near more conducive areas such as retainer walls, large trees and reticulated garden beds.

TermiWatch How it works How it works

Once installed, with your stations marked on the property plan supplied, it is simply a matter of checking the stations monthly (or more frequently if you like). If you have an email address Termiwatch will even remind you to inspect – free – or we supply a free planner for customers without website access.

No Mud Packing

No Mud Packing

Mud Packing

Mud Packing

Checking the Termiwatch station is easy, simply look through the plastic lid and if you see mud packing on the lid or timber it is fairly safe to say you have identified termite activity. Should you not see any mud packing but simply want to investigate further, it’s easy to lift the lid with a 5mm wide flathead screwdriver to check all of the timber monitor.

How it works How it works

If you don’t find termites simply push cap firmly on to the station.

Note: Termiwatch does not warrant that subterranean termites will not forage past stations. However with Termiwatch installed and monitored you will dramatically reduce the risk of termites entering buildings undetected and causing damage. It is also recommended that a full home and property inspection is carried out at least every twelve months by a licenced pest management professional as per recommendations of The Building Code Of Australia.
Termiwatch is not effective against drywood termites that are prevalent  in tropical areas.

What to do when you detect termites.


The plastic Termiwatch stations are U.V. stabilised and will last for years. The plastic used won’t be effected unduly by the elements however damage may come about by other means (i.e. mechanical damage) or extensions may be made to a building requiring additional units and for these reasons you can purchase extra stations from us here.

The special Termiwatch timber monitors should be serviceable for six to twelve months depending on the environmental conditions. They will rot with time …this is expected…and so it’s important you can easily purchase and replace these timbers quickly.  They are cost effective to replace and are available for purchase from us here.

Included with every Termiwatch system are the following forms:

Site Plan – For systematically planning where you will put the Termiwatch stations on your property. Extra copies available here:  Termiwatch Site Plan.

Monitoring Planner – A “calendar” to assist you in when you will conduct monitoring checks on your Termiwatch stations. Extra copies available here: Termiwatch Monitoring Schedule Chart