Steel Installation Auger

Installation Auger

Stainless steel cutting auger for Termiwatch installation


When installing Termiwatch stations into the ground, it’s necessary to dig a small hole to accommodate each station. Normally this can be done with a small trowel however in soils that may have a high clay component, or perhaps dense underground roots, use of a cutting auger will make for much easier installation of the stations.

The auger is made from super tough 2mm thick steel tube and has a specially designed cutting head to make cutting through the toughest of soils or vegetation a breeze! The auger is supplied with a steel rod for insertion in holes in the top of the auger to give strong effective torque when in use.

This Termiwatch stainless steel auger is a useful tool when installing your Termiwatch termite detection system.

  • Steel auger for Termiwatch station installation
  • Overall size: 340(L) x 50(dia)mm
  • Includes 255 x 10mm mild steel rod
  • Ideal for use in heavily vegetated or clay soils


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