What to do when you detect termites


When you find foraging termites are in your Termiwatch stations, it is now very important to take this threat seriously and consult a local, fully insured pest control firm (even better would be a member of AEPMA as they must operate to a strict code of ethics) to take cost effective remedial action such as dusting the activity with Termidor Dust (Download Brochure) . This method is effective and cost efficient. If you are advised anything else other than this method, please contact us.


Our experience in termite control spans many years and we would recommend as soon as termites are discovered, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TREAT THEM YOURSELF. This method may sound appealing and economical but it’s a false economy. Licensed, professional pest controllers undergo years of training and know the habits of termites as well as the best way to eliminate them. Over a few years you will save thousands of dollars by checking the Termiwatch stations yourself but once activity is found…call in the professionals.