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Natural forces such as earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and the like, can cause great damage to residential and commercial houses and offices. These events, quite often, are out of our control however one powerful destroyer, a silent and usually unseen one, can also cause great damage and financial cost to these structures … TERMITES!

The difference with this enemy is we can exercise a great deal of control and have the power to stop it before it wreaks it’s damage and the method used to detect them, and ultimately stop them, is quite simple and it’s called …TERMIWATCH.

Termiwatch is a powerful yet affordable do-it-yourself termite detection and monitoring system designed and manufactured totally in Australia for Australian conditions and is now available for you to purchase online now from this website.

The Termiwatch Termite Detection System, being 100% Australian designed and manufactured, is used confidently by both commercial and government establishments such as the Catholic Education Centre in Leederville, Perth and the 140 William Street Perth CBD Business Precinct …the Termiwatch system works for them and it can work for you too!

DON’T BE FOOLED… If you see termite activity on your property, you need professional help. Simply buying a termite spray from your local hardware store or from an online supplier may seem like a cheap option but this will not eliminate termites effectively from your property …. it’s like using a band aid to fix a broken arm. Of course prevention is the best cure and so effective is a termite detection system that places like The White House, The Graceland Mansion in Memphis and even the Statue Of Liberty have used these systems for years! If you find termite activity with your Termiwatch Termite Detection System …. call in the professionals!



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