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Termites never stop feeding. They never stop looking for new sources of timber whether it be fallen trees, stumps or other plants or perhaps even … your home! And whilst a pest, it needs to be kept in mind that termites are vital for our ecosystem by consuming and recycling sources of dead timber and vegetation. However one thing is crucial to realise…termites are non-discriminatory in that the wood in your home is just as delicious to them as any dead tree so you need to protect your most valuable asset and you need to do it NOW!

Knowing all this, the problem for you is termites generally won’t be seen and if they are, quite often the damage has been done. The trick is to catch them early and the best method to do this is to set a perimeter “security line” around your property … and this is exactly what Termiwatch does!

Termiwatch is a professional standard D.I.Y. termite detection and monitoring system that’s ideal for both domestic and commercial applications. In fact Termiwatch is Australia’s first professional standard DIY termite detection system.

The Termiwatch system is simple to install and maintain yet remarkably efficient. The Termiwatch kit includes:

The Termiwatch Termite Detection System is set up by inserting the stations in small holes dug around the perimeter of your home or building as such:

TermiWatch Installation Monitoring Stations

These Termiwatch stations are made from a U.V. (ultra violet) stablized plastic which means they won’t easily become brittle and crumble in sunlight. The stations have blocks of timber inserted in them which act as an attractant, or bait, for termites. The timber used is a special Australian re-growth timber tested and found to be the most desirable for this application from both a bait and a resilience point of view. Soft woods can naturally rot quickly whilst hard woods may not be seen to be desirable food for termites.


Termiwatch is designed to be an effective early detection system that gives you the opportunity to find subterranean (below ground) termites foraging near your home, instead of finding them in the home.

A clever design of the Termiwatch Termite Detection System allows you to do quick visual checks of each station in-situ to see if there has been any termite activity in the vicinity (see our How It Works section for further details).

Termiwatch InstallationWhen installed as per our instructions, Termiwatch will greatly reduce the risk of undetected termites entering your home and causing costly structural damage between your annual termite inspections. The methodology used in Termiwatch is proven one with similar designs being used in over 2 million properties around the world including The White House!

Termiwatch stations come completely assembled and are easy to install and manage. The Termiwatch system does work and it works effectively BUT it relies on you to perform regular monitoring checks approximately every 2 months. To assist you in this regard, we offer a free inspection reminder via email so you won’t forget to monitor your system.

Termiwatch InstallationTermiwatch stations are designed to have minimal visual impact around your home. They won’t attract termites to your home but simply identify them when, through their constant and random foraging, they move towards your home.

IMPORTANT – The average Australian home is approximately 65 lineal metres around the perimeter. Stations, if placed too far apart, will be ineffective and hence we say the distance should be no more than 4 metres apart. The number of stations we provide in the Termiwatch kit (24) will cover most average to large sized homes however be cautious of companies selling only 6 stations as this is totally inadequate and won’t offer the level of protection required.

100% Australian Made and Owned


Termiwatch is 100% Australian owned and manufactured and is backed with professional online support and advice.

Termiwatch protects thousands of homes around Australia and now the Termiwatch kit can be purchased

online and delivered to you within 4 – 5 working days.


Installing the system