Specialty Replacement Timber For The Termiwatch Termite Detection System

Replacement Timber


(per pack of 24 including GST)


One of the unique features of the Termiwatch Termite Detection System is the ability you have, as a home or building owner, is to easily monitor any below ground termite activity visually in a matter of seconds. The heart of the Termiwatch system is of course the wood used to attract temites however, it’s important not to have wood that’s too soft, nor too hard.  Wood that’s too soft can be devoured very quickly by an aggressive termite species and they could then move away … all this could happen between inspections. Wood that is too hard may not attract termite activity and may give you a false sense of security when in actual fact the termites have moved on to more attractive ‘food”… perhaps the wood in your home!

So our choice of wood in designing Termiwatch was crucial and it’s important you check and maintain each station approximately every 2 months. When doing this, keep in mind that there may be some natural occurring rotting of the wood.  This is not a concerning issue and should not be confused with termite activity. If in doubt, please contact us for advice.

The wood is cut precisely to fit snugly into the translucent cover of the station and viewing the cover from above will give a clear indication of whether or not there has been termite activity in the area.

  • Replacement timber for Termiwatch Termite Detection System
  • Made from specially chosen Australian timber
  • Easily fits into the cap of the Termite monitoring station
  • Suitable for use anywhere in Australia
  • Size: 180 x 24 x 24mm
  • Price shown is for a pack of 24